October 17, 2021

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Claiming that no Nepali came to the Qatari police via India

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Doha, Qatar(JS)-Despite rumors that Nepalese have been recruited by the Qatar Police on their way to India, no Nepali has come to the Qatar Police via India. It has been found that Saroj Kunwar, who is said to have entered Qatar, has not entered Qatar yet. It has been found that various parties are spreading confusion about the employment of Qatar Police.
The employment of the Qatari police, which is a very attractive job for Nepali workers, is becoming like the Nepali proverb of ‘the fruit of the sky is the eye of the beholder’ due to the internal conflicts and conflicts of the manpower businessmen and the weakness of the government bodies. Due to which, the internal conflict of Nepali businessmen, the possibility of going to another country from Nepal has increased.

Although thousands of Nepali youths are now waiting for Qatar employment, the manpower businessmen say that the employment problem of Qatar Police is also due to some policies of the Government of Nepal. The employment dispute, which began with an unauthorized interview with the Qatari police, is not over. This has created a new wave in the field of foreign employment in Nepal after the news that some foreign employment entrepreneurs brought workers to Qatar without visa verification in Qatar Police during the employment dispute in Qatar Police became public in some media.
It has been claimed that Saroj Kunwar, who is said to have come in contact with the Nepali embassy in Qatar, has reached Qatar for the employment of Qatari police without verification from the Department of Foreign Employment. However, the Nepalese embassy in Qatar, Narad Bhardwaj, said it did not know how they came from Nepal and that the embassy was unaware of the man. He said that he was ignorant about the name of the Nepali embassy in Qatar.
The Qatari government has also claimed that Saroj Kunwar, who has a Nepali passport number 07914573 with visa number 802021000042, did not enter Qatar. Sources at the Nepalese embassy in Qatar and the Qatari embassy in Nepal also claimed that Kunwar did not come to Qatar. A source at the Nepali embassy in Qatar said that they have heard that some manpower companies and agents are taking Nepali workers to the Qatari police through India, but it has not been confirmed. The embassy requested the Department of Foreign Employment to understand the rumors that manpower and agents were bringing workers to Qatar via India.
Meanwhile, the Department of Foreign Employment said that it did not have any detailed information about it. Kumar Dahal, director general of the department, said that no work permit has been issued for Qatari police from Nepal. Qatar had set a quota for the World Cup to take more than 5,000 Nepalese to the Qatar Police. However, the demand for Qatari police and security guards is now in doubt after a dispute over the transfer of workers from Nepal.
Many Nepalese are willing to go there as there is a limited quota in the employment of Qatar police and it is a very attractive facility. The main problem now is the attractive growth of workers and the competition of many manpower in the limited number of demands. ‘Unhealthy competition among manpower entrepreneurs is the root of the current problem. The main problem for recruiting workers to the Qatari police seems to be the low demand and the large number of manpower playing various games to get the demand in their hands. In the same way, if the conflict between the businessmen to kill the demand letter continues to escalate, there is a danger that the golden opportunity for Nepali workers will be lost, ‘said an expert who has known about foreign employment business for a long time.

Ambassador Yusuf urges not to spread false rumors
The Qatari embassy has not been involved in various activities in the name of lucrative employment for the Qatari police for some time now and the Qatari embassy is saddened by such news, said Qatari Ambassador to Nepal Yusuf Bin Mohammed Al Hail. He said that the goal of Qatar’s Home Ministry was to bring more than 5,000 security guards from Nepal and the only reason for that was trust in Nepalese.
According to the law of our country, we have provided good salary, free food, free accommodation and free medical treatment to the Nepali security guards from Nepal, said Ambassador Yusuf. ‘Nepalese are very honest but have not got employment opportunities. My understanding is that with a little help from Qatar, Nepal’s youth can have a better chance. It is because of this love and relationship towards Nepalese that the Qatari government is preparing to take such a large number of security guards’, said Ambassador Yusuf.
Yusuf said that the Qatari embassy in Nepal would not engage in any kind of business and trade dealing, selecting Nepal’s manpower and would not do such work. “It simply came to our notice then. For this reason, some media outlets do not agree on the issues raised. Because the media needs to know more about international issues. As far as I know, all the manpower in Nepal should take the necessary documents regarding manpower selection. The process will move forward by looking at all the documents and all that work will be done from Doha. The selection is to be made by our government body in Doha, and our embassy has no role in it, said Ambassador Yusuf.
He said that the demand in Nepal did not lead to the same person being taken to the Qatari police but there were certain criteria for that. People who go to meet the criteria of height, experience, qualification, age, etc. must go. Last year, we had 300 security guards from Nepal. The Qatari government and the royal palace are also very satisfied with the work of the Nepali security guards. That is the reason why the demand has come again. Nepali youth should take this as an opportunity, ”he said. According to Ambassador Yusuf, the security guards who have recently left Nepal are happy and the Qatari government is also very happy with them.
He expressed serious concern that some people had made unsubstantiated allegations against him with the intention of killing his personal character, despite the clear provision that manpower would be selected on the basis of high-level documents from the Qatari government. ‘Is it possible to print a monopoly without proof? I have made it clear to everyone that I am ready to discuss the matter if there is any evidence that I and the embassy have chosen manpower; He said.
However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government. “By spreading these unproven rumors, the Nepali people will lose. I have spoken to the Qatari government to provide an opportunity for Nepalese to come to Nepal. “My job is not to do business, but to maintain good relations between the Nepalese people and the Qatari people,” he said.
Stating that the relations between the Government of Qatar and the Government of Nepal are very good and cordial, Ambassador Yusuf noted that the two countries have enjoyed good relations for the past 42 years. “The Government of Qatar has been providing a lot of assistance to Nepal during the devastating earthquakes and other natural disasters and will continue to do so. We are helping many Nepalese through Qatar Charity. We have made and will continue to make many contributions in many areas, including health, education and hospitals. “I urge the Nepalese media not to spread any rumors about our relationship,” said Ambassador Yusuf.


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